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Manufacturer: Mingda

Price: $269

URL: https://3dmingdaofficial.com/products/magician-x2


  • 230 x230x260mm volume
  • .4mm nozzle
  • Filament sensor
  • re-worked cable management
  • Auto bed leveling
  • print resume
  • removable PEI flexible plate
  • LED temperature indicator

Unboxing and Assembly

Like the last Mingda Magician model, this one comes in three main pieces. The base, the whole z-frame, and the extruder. Assembly is super quick and easy, only a few bolts. You plug the corresponding wires into the motors, extruder, and bed and you’re ready to go.

I really like how they’ve done their cable management. They use very flat ribbon cables that line up with the axis of motion well. They never feel in the way or at risk of pinching.

First Use

The first thing I did was level the bed, which went smoothly. Then I loaded some filament and selected a pre-prepared print from the card and hit print. I got a perfect little bunny! The quality is fantastic, even in the tall thin ears, which might have been nasty if there wasn’t enough cooling.

The LED is blue when cool and turns more red as it heats up

Multiple times on the web site they call out their LED temperature indicator on the extruder. It is there. I don’t know how useful that is, but it is pretty, so no complaints. I wouldn’t really call it a selling point either though.

Over all the machine is fairly quiet in operation, which is nice. The Mingda interface feels a bit dated, but it does the job just fine. Labels like “percentage” don’t really tell you much, but with some poking around you’ll figure out what it all means.


Over all, at the price, you’re getting really good quality and it seems like it should last a while. I’m happy they’ve gone with the removable flexible build plate this time around. There is still no way to manually level the bed but the automatic levelling seems to be working perfectly fine, so maybe that’s not an issue. It seems that Mingda has made a pretty solid machine for under $300

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