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FashionTech is one of the most exciting spaces in our maker community at the moment, and at the forefront of this space is artist and creative technologist Kitty Yueng. You may remember Kitty from our wearables-themed Hangout & Nerdout livestream, or from her custom fabrics piece in Make: Volume 82 or Smart Tea Cozy in V79, or perhaps Maker Faire Bay Area. Kitty blends electronics with couture under her tech-fashion brand, Art by Physicist, creating everything from programmable brooches to eveningwear to personalized cat-themed pillows. And now Kitty is attempting to discover the next generation of FashionTech phenoms with her TechFashion Design Challenge 2023 Hackster contest, announced at the Open Hardware Summit on April 28th.

Contestants will have the chance to develop their own custom solar films.

The contest is a collaboration with solar innovators ASCA, who produced the lotus flower-shaped organic solar films from Kitty’s earlier Kickstarter. Winners from the Conceptualization Round get the chance to work with Kitty to bring the product to reality as part of a new crowdfunding campaign. Finalists will also be featured in a two-page spread in Make: V86 and on makezine.com. Judges include Dutch FashionTech designer Anouk Wipprecht, Lumen Couture’s Chelsea Klukas, and magical unicorn software engineer Amie Danielle Dansby.

Winners will be part of a crowdfunding campaign, allowing the market to determine winners.

Submit your solar-integrated, wearable tech clothing ideas as a Hackster.io project by May 31, 2023 for a chance to win ASCA’s unique solar modules, plus product development support from Art by Physicist valued at $10,000.

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