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For a fun and simple Christmas activity for kids – try this free printable Christmas Word Scramble! It also comes with an answer sheet so you can easily solve all of them.

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Christmas Word Scramble Free Printable

Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble

This is a fun activity kids can play during Christmas break! Print it off and kids can try to solve the words before Christmas dinner.

Pair this with our Christmas Bingo or Christmas I Spy games too!

Get the free printables at the bottom of the post.

Xmas Word Scramble

Some tips you can give to kids to help them unscramble the words:

  • Look at the vowels and consonants separately
  • Think of words that you know that are Christmas-themed. Write them out. Can you see any letters in some of these words?
  • Sometimes mixing up the letters on your own can help. Re-write the letters in a different way and see if anything familiar pops out.
  • For younger kids, write out all of the answer words on the sheet for them to look at.

There is also a full answer sheet for all 15 word scrambles so you can easily identify the answer for kids.

Christmas Word Scramble with Answers

Kids will love trying to guess these words together over Christmas dinner!

You can play two ways:

  1. See who can solve them all first for a prize
  2. Set a time limit and see how many they can answer!

You can also have kids solve it as a fun activity on their own during Christmas break.

Scramble words for Christmas

Ways to use this Christmas Holiday Word Scramble:

  • Print off as an easy table activity for kids during your Christmas dinner.
  • Laminate and save it for classrooms and it can be re-used with dry erase markers.
  • Have a competition who can solve them all the fastest.
Christmas Holiday Word Scramble

Ways to extend this activity:

Extend this activity further by having kids come up with their own words to scramble. They can then quiz siblings, parents or classmates on the words they scrambled on their own.

Get the Word Scramble for Christmas

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