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Love elephants and easy crafts? Then you have to try this adorable elephant handprint! You can also turn it into a card. Use our free printable template to make it too!

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Handprint Elephant

Elephant Handprint Craft

This elephant craft is super simple to make with our free printable template.

Grab the printable template at the bottom of the post.

You can choose to print and color the full elephant or use the template to cut out your own elephant from gray cardstock or construction paper.

Handprint Elephant Craft

Turn this handprint into a card and write “I Love You Tons” inside the card. Or kids can also write their own special message inside.

Elephant Handprint Art

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Elephant Handprint Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Elephant handprint template – you can get the free printable template at the bottom of the post

How to Make an Elephant Handprint

1. Cut out the handprint.

To make it a handprint card, fold over a piece of gray cardstock and trace the handprint with the pinky on the folded part of the paper. Cut it out.

Cut out Handprints for Elephant

2. Cut out the elephant head.

Use the template to trace the elephant head on gray cardstock. Cut it out and glue to the handprint on the pinky side.

Add Elephant Head to Handprint

3. Cut out the elephant ear.

Use the template to trace the elephant ear on gray cardstock. Cut it out and glue to the handprint on the elephant head.

Add Paper Ear to Elephant

4. Cut out and glue the tusk on.

Cut out the tusk template and glue to the elephant trunk.

Glue on tusk

5. Use a black marker to add details.

Add lines to the elephant ears and trunk. Then add an eye and smile.

Draw on elephant details

6. Add a pink cheek.

Dip the back of a pencil or paintbrush into pink paint and dab onto the elephant face.

Add Pink Cheek to Elephant

7. Cut out a tail.

Cut out a small strip of gray cardstock for the tail. Add some cuts to the end of the tail.

Then glue the tail to the back of the handprint.

Cut out tail

8. Add a message inside the card.

Add your own special message inside the card or write “I Love You Tons!”.

Add I love you tons inside card

Get the Free Printable Elephant Template

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