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For a fun fall activity for kids, try this Fall I Spy game. Print them off for the kids to do at your next fall event or bring to the pumpkin patch with you!

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Fall I Spy Free Printable

Free Printable Fall I Spy

Print these off for a fun fall activity! This is a fun activity to pair with our Fall Bingo and Fall Color by Number Pages.

You can make this a game by seeing who can find the correct number of each one in the shortest time.

There is a full colored version available.

Kids can fill in the total for each image as they find them. Circle them as you go or cross them off.

Free Printable I Spy Fall

Or kids can do the coloring page version.

This version also comes with an answer key.

Printable Coloring Page Fall I Spy

Kids can color the images in when they find them.

I Spy Fall Coloring Sheet

Ways to use this I Spy Printable:

  • Print off for a fall event or easy indoor fall activity
  • Laminate the colored version and then kids can redo it over and over
  • Have a competition who can find all of them the fastest
  • Follow the I spy activity with a game of Fall Bingo
Printable Fall I Spy

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Printable I Spy Fall Sheets

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