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This printable heart card is easy and fun to make for Valentine’s day! Make one or make them all for friends and family! Kids can even draw their own designs on the blank template and tie the card together with a bow.

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Free Printable Heart Cards

Free Printable Heart Card

These printable heart Valentine cards are so fun to make! You can easily make them with our free printable heart card template. 

Get the free printable template at the bottom of the post.

Heart Card Template Free Printables

All you need to do is print, color, cut, and tie with a ribbon!

Then write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or a special message inside for a loved one. 

Printable Paper Heart Cards

There are 4 different heart card template themes to choose from.

We love that kids can add their own unique touch to each card. They can color them however they’d like or design their own!

Older kids can easily make these cards on their own.

To make the cutting easier for younger kids, parents or teachers can assist with cutting and punching the hole and kids can decorate and add the ribbon.

Supplies Needed to Make Printable Heart Cards

  • White Cardstock
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons to color
  • Printable heart card templates – Get all 4 printable heart card templates sent straight to your inbox! See the bottom of the post for the form to get the cards emailed to you.
  • Hole puncher – to punch hole for the ribbon.
  • Ribbon – we used 1/4 inch wide ribbon

Watch the Video Tutorial Here

Printable Paper Heart Cards

How to Make a Printable Heart Card

1. Print off the heart card template of your choice on white cardstock.

Get the free printable templates at the bottom of the post.

Print Heart Card Templates

2. Cut out the cards.

Cut out the cards.

Cut Heart Card template out

3. Color the cards.

Color Printable heart cards
Color Bird on Heart Card

If printing the blank template, you can draw your own designs and color them in. We used a black marker and colored two different designs on the blank cards.

Draw design on heart card template

4. Punch a hole and add ribbon.

Fold the outside edges in to make the heart shape. 

Add a hold punch in the center on each side of the front of the card.

Hole Punch middle of card

Add ribbon through the holes and tie a bow to close the card.

Add a Valentine message inside the card. You can even add a photo or a drawing inside!

Valentine Paper heart cards

Get Your Free Printable Heart Cards Here

Free Printable Heart Card Templates

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Print Heart Card Templates

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