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Need an easy groundhog day craft for kids? Try making this adorable groundhog handprint craft! It’s easy for kids to make and you can place on a bulletin board with predictions about whether the groundhog will see its shadow!

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Groundhog Handprint Craft for Kids

Handprint Groundhog Day Craft

This is a fun and easy craft you can do with kids for Groundhog Day. Kids can even write their predictions inside the card or add their own Groundhog Day message inside.

Handprint Groundhog Card

If you’re looking for another fun activity to pair with this craft, see our Groundhog Color by Number pages or our Groundhog day treats.

Groundhog Day Craft for Kids

Ways to extend this activity:

  • Kids can write their predictions inside the card on whether they think the groundhog will see their shadow.
  • Color these color by number sheets.
Groundhog Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Tacky glue – this glue is great for gluing on pom poms and googly eyes.

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Groundhog Handprint

1. Trace and cut out the handprint.

Fold over a piece of light brown cardstock or construction paper. Trace the hand so that that thumb is resting along the folded part of the paper. Cut out the handprint.

You should now have a card that opens up like this:

Cut out handprints for groundhogs

2. Glue on two large googly eyes.

You can also draw on the eyes on white paper.

Add Googly eyes to handprint

3. Glue on a large black pom pom for the nose.

Add a large pom pom nose

4. Cut out a piece of white paper or cardstock for the teeth and glue under the pom pom.

Cut a little peak on the top of the teeth so it looks like the teeth are coming out of the mouth. Then use a black marker to draw on the mouth.

Draw on Mouth

5. Add three dots on each side of the groundhog’s face.

Add dots for whiskers

6. Cut out 2 ears for the groundhog.

Draw an ear shape on a darker brown construction paper or cardstock and cut it out. Use this as a template to make another ear the same size. You now have two dark brown ears.

Then using the same brown construction paper or cardstock as the handprint, cut out 2 more the same size. Then trim these lighter brown pieces a little smaller so that you can glue on top of the dark brown ear piece. Glue these pieces together to make the ears.

Glue the ears to the back of the handprint card.

Add ears to groundhog

You can now add any message you’d like inside the cards!

Have kids write their predictions on whether the groundhog will see its shadow inside the cards. Then hang the handprints on a bulletin board and invite people to open the cards to see what their predictions are.

Paper Groundhog Craft

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