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Live: Open Hardware Summit 2023

Welcome to Open Hardware Summit 2023! We’re on-site at NYU, bringing you live coverage — refresh often to make sure you see the latest! Learn more on the OHS web site, plus grab in-person and virtual tickets or stream online.

nb: we’re having extreme difficulty with the internet connection here, so pictures may be sparse until we can get somewhere with better Wi-Fi

Friday consists of two parallel tracks: speakers and workshops, after an amazing keynote by Dr. Carlotta A. Berry.

Huaishu Peng’s talk How to DIY high-resolution flexible (and kirigami) circuits with a fiber laser engraver? demonstrated an incredible technique for creating high-quality, flexible PCBs using a fiber laser.

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Fibercuit: Prototyping High-Resolution Flexible and Kirigami Circuits with a Fiber Laser Engraver

During the lunch break, we took a trip over to Kelly Heaton‘s Circuit Garden installation, as well as to her lab at NYU Brooklyn.

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