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Nerd Out About Toys And RCs With Us On May 11th

We’re overjoyed to bring you another episode of Hangout & Nerdout on Thursday, May 11th, this time focusing on toys and R/C! We’ll be talking to the creator of Make: Volume 85’s cover star – the R/C Thing from Netflix’s Wednesday – Ben Eadie, about making movie magic for Ghosbusters: Afterlife, and how he uses CAD to make his fantastical creations a reality. Eliza Kosoy will share her programmable, inspirational Eliza Dolls, which she created in response to a lack of representation in STEM. And Holybro CTO Vincent Poon will be showing us some of the latest advancements in FPV and autopilot technology from the world of drones. Join them, along with our three lovely hosts, as we nerd out together, followed by a casual virtual hangout! As always, we will have three short talks, followed by a panel Q&A and open discussion with the audience. Join us next Thursday, May 11th, at 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific!

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