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This pressed flower suncatcher craft is a really pretty craft to make for someone! Or make it as a beautiful spring craft. This would make a lovely birthday or Mother’s Day gift too!

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DIY Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Table of Contents

  • DIY Pressed Flower Suncatcher
  • Watch the Video Tutorial!
  • Supplies Needed
  • How to Make a Pressed Flower Suncatcher
  • More Suncatcher Crafts

DIY Pressed Flower Suncatcher

These suncatchers look so pretty on the window! You can make a collection of them, or just make one and place it in your favorite window spot. These would also look great on a classroom window!

Suncatcher with Pressed Flowers

You can make this a two-part activity, collecting and saving flowers and then creating the suncatcher. City park grasses around playgrounds often have lots of wildflowers that will get cut throughout the spring and summer. Picking some of those wildflowers before they are cut are perfect for this activity.

How to Make Pressed Suncatchers

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Pressed Flower Suncatcher Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Pressed Flowers – you can make your own by collecting wildflowers or fallen flowers from your garden Press the flowers between wax paper or parchment paper in a book until dry (about 2-4 weeks). Or you can order some pressed flowers here.
  • Small paper plate or bowl for tracing
  • Self Laminating Sheets – you’ll need 1 sheet of self laminating paper or you can use contact paper
  • Scissors
Pressed Flower Suncatcher DIY

How to Make a Pressed Flower Suncatcher

1. Start by tracing a small paper plate or bowl two times onto a self laminating sheet.

If you plan to make just 1 suncatcher, you can cut out the circles first. Then use one circle to add on top when you are done.

If you plan to make 2 suncatchers, follow the steps below.

Trace Paper Plate
Trace 2 circles on laminate paper

2. Add the pressed flowers to the sticky side of the self laminating sheet.

Add Pressed Flowers to Laminate Paper

Keep adding flowers or leaves until you are happy with the way it looks. You can fill it in really well or leave a lot of space between the flowers, both methods look nice.

Add Pressed Flowers

3. Add another self laminating sheet on top.

Press firmly down to seal the two sheets together.

Add Another Laminate Paper

4. Cut out the suncatchers.

Cut slightly inside the traced line if you do not want the traced line to be on your suncatcher.

Cut out Suncatchers

5. You can hang on your windows with some double sided tape or glue dots.

Make Pressed Flower Suncatchers

These make the prettiest suncatchers for your windows! And if you love suncatchers, see more fun suncatcher crafts below!

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