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Love hyacinth flowers? Then try making these q-tip painted hyacinth flowers. This is a fun spring or Mother’s Day craft!

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Qtip Painted Hyancinth Flower

Table of Contents

  • Q-Tip Painted Flowers
  • Watch the Video Tutorial
  • Supplies Needed
  • How to Make a Q-tip Painted Hyacinth
  • More Flower Crafts

Q-Tip Painted Flowers

These q-tip painted hyacinth flowers are really easy to make for kids of all ages! Kids will love stamping the q-tips to create the flowers.

Painted Hyancinths with Qtips

Watch the Video Tutorial

Hyancinth Flower Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Q-tips
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Green paper or cardstock
  • White Cardstock (we used 12×12 for a larger size). If you used an 8.5×11 you can do 1 hyacinth flower instead of 2.
Qtip painted hyancinth flowers craft

How to Make a Q-tip Painted Hyacinth

1. Glue on a green stem.

Start by add a strip of green paper to the white paper. Add 2 strips if you want to make 2 flowers.

Glue on Green Stems

2. Grab a bundle of q-tips.

You can include more or less q-tips. The more you have, the less you’ll need to stamp but the final result will be the same.

Make a bundle of qtips

3. Dip the q-tips into the paint.

Dip into the paint and then dab onto your paper to make the flowers. You can dab a few times before you need to get more paint.

Dip into paint
Stamp Qtips onto Paper

4. Keep dabbing the q-tips until you are happy with the way your flower looks.

Paint hyancinths with qtips

5. Cut out 2 leaves for each flower.

Glue the leaves to the flower.

Add Paper Leaves

Your painted hyacinth flowers are done! These turn out so pretty and are easy for kids of all ages to try!

Frame them for Mother’s day or place them up for some fun spring decoration!

Qtip Painted Flowers

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