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This reindeer footprint craft is such a cute keepsake for Christmas! You only need a few supplies to make this. Turn it into a card, gift tag or frame it to give as a gift for Christmas!

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Reindeer Footprint Craft

This reindeer from footprint craft is really easy to make! You only need a few supplies.

Kids will love decorating the footprint reindeer and the best part is the fingerprint lights!

Rudolph Footprint Craft

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If you’d like to keep it simpler without the fingerprint lights, you can skip this step and just make the footprint reindeer:

Footprint Reindeer Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial

  • Brown acrylic paint and a mix of colors for the fingerprint lights. This set has a nice mix of colors.
  • Tacky glue (for gluing on the pipe cleaners) you can also use hot glue (with adult assistance)
How to Make a Reindeer Footprint

1. Start by painting one foot with brown paint.

Press firmly on the paper to make the footprint.

Don’t worry if when you press the footprint down it doesn’t transfer all of the paint on. You can touch up some spots with a paintbrush.

Painting Tips

  • Don’t worry if when you press the footprint down it doesn’t transfer all of the paint on. You can touch up some spots with a paintbrush.
  • Have kids sit in a chair while painting their foot.
  • Try to add as much paint onto the foot before pressing down. They can stand up from the chair to place their footprint onto the paper.
  • Make sure the foot is flat when you press down on the paper and all toes are touching the paper.
  • Lift the foot up gently after pressing.
  • Wash feet immediately for easy clean-up. I like to keep a small bowl with dish soap and water in it nearby to wash off the feet with a washcloth or baby wipe when done.
Make brown footprint

2. Glue on two large googly eyes.

Add Googly Eyes to Footprint

3. Glue on a large red pom pom for the nose.

Add Red Pom Pom to Nose

4. Make the antlers with pipe cleaner.

Take a smaller piece of pipe cleaner and twist it around a longer piece to make the antlers.

Make two and glue to the top of the footprint.

Add Pipe Cleaner to Reindeer

5. Draw the string of lights with a black marker.

Add little rectangle shapes with the marker on the black string you drew for where you want to put your fingerprints.

Add Black Marker String Lights

6. Dip a fingerprint into paint and add to the string of lights.

We used colors in rainbow order.

Paint for String Lights
Add fingerprints to string lights

Your reindeer is now done! Add it into a frame for a gift, or turn it into a card.

Fingerprint Lights Reindeer Footprint

This is such a cute keepsake to make for Christmas! It would look great hung up for decoration too!

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