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This Super Fast 3D Printer Has A 3D Printed Frame

Fast 3d printers are all the rage right now. You have the Bambu, all kinds of Vorons, and Creality just announced the K1 one as well. All boast super fast printing speeds. This project is reaching back into one of the strengths of the reprap project, and aims to 3d print many of it’s own parts. This is the 100, a fast, open source, 3D printer with a printed frame. It is capable of printing a bench in less than 6 minutes.

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The goal with this project is to create a fast printer for much cheaper than the ones listed above. By utilizing the 3D printed frame, they’ve been able to reduce the cost considerably.

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Above, you can see the machine blasting through a speedbenchy. While the quality may leave a little to be desired, this is pretty common in the speedbenchy races. Remember, this is more like hot rodding than building luxury vehicles.

The project is fully open source, and you can download the files and make your own here. You may also be relieved to find that they’re working on adjusting the files so it can be printed on smaller machines (including itself, furthering the classical reprap goals).

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