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Looking for a fun outdoor activity this winter? Then bring this Winter Scavenger Hunt outside and kids can explore their surroundings to find these winter items. This is a fun printable activity that kids can do anytime in the winter. 

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Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable

Table of Contents

  • Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable
  • Tips for Using the Printable
  • Get the Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Here
  • More Winter Activities

Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable

This scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to bring along with you the next time you head outdoors this winter! Laminate the cards to keep them from getting wet in the snow, and bring some dry erase markers.

If you can’t find someone carrying a hot cocoa outside (or hot drink) you can end the activity with a hot cocoa drink when you return inside!

You can get the free printable at the bottom of the post.

Scavenger Hunt Winter

Tips for Using the Printable

  • Grab some self laminating sheets if you don’t have a laminator.
  • If you do not laminate the sheets, you can also print on a thicker paper like white cardstock. This will be sturdier for kids if you’re using it for more than one walk or outing.
  • Kids will enjoy working together or having a friendly competition trying to see who can spot the items first.
  • Bring this with you during your outdoor activities and kids can try to check off any items they see.
  • Encourage kids to think of other items they can add to the list.
Scavenger hunt for winter

If you can’t find some of the items on the list, get creative and look for areas inside that might have the items (like books or shows!). You can even explore your winter gear, holiday decorations or kitchen to find all of the items.

The hot cocoa item can also be someone carrying a hot drink outside.

Free Printable Winter Scavenger Hunt

Extend the activity:

  • Create your own scavenger hunt! Have kids think of other items they can add to the list and make their own winter scavenger hunt.
  • Pair this with our Winter Bingo, Snowman Bingo or a Winter I Spy activity.
Printable Winter Scavenger Hunt
outdoor winter scavenger hunt

Get the Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Here

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